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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear 2-year-old Owen,

Dear Owen,
It's hard to believe that two years ago, February 9th, 2010, I was preparing to meet you for the first time, and now you are running around so fast I can barely keep up with you! When I look at your newborn pictures and those weekly photos we took during your first year, I can see you, my smiley, happy-go-lucky, wide eyed little man. It's funny to me that you haven't changed your looks all that much in two years. I thought it would be drastic, as you grew up I'd lose that little baby of mine. I'm so pleased to see that I still recognize my little newborn in your big boy toddler pictures.

You are the most fun little guy right now, and yet challenging at the same time. I say that with all the love a mommy can have, so don't worry, it's not like I'm sick of you yet! You are active, oh boy are you so active! You LOVE to run. You are so curious about the world. You get that from your dad. He's smart, a problem solver and always wondering and thinking about things. You are the exact same way. You love to figure things out. Your favorite toys are the same toys your Dad loves - tools like screw drivers (screw drive drive as you call it) and hammers (bang bang) and flash lights and drills. You also are obsessed with tractors and trucks. All of this is from Dad.

You are so incredibly smart. I know most parents say that about their kids, but honestly you are smarter than I ever imagined. Every single day for the last six months it seems you have learned a new word or thing to do. Hearing you "read" books to yourself - legs and feet crossed, holding the book with both hands in your lap, saying the words that you remember us reading to you - it's my favorite thing to see these days.

You aren't just all boy though. You do like to get dirty, yes - and we have tons of fun jumping in mud puddles outside - but you also love cleaning. You are totally into your vacuum, broom and dust pan, and your kitchen set. You get some of this I think from me. You are happy, so happy. You laugh louder and sweeter than anything I've ever heard. Everything cracks you up. Driving down the road you'll point outside to a bare field and say, "Hay! Tractor make!" and then laugh hysterically for no reason. Your laugh lights up your face and makes your eyes squint just like mine do when I smile. You have a zillion teeth now, which only makes your smile cuter. I remember when you had no teeth and I kept wondering how your smile would change with something white and shiny in there instead of just those pink gums that I adored as you were a baby. Now, I can't imagine losing this cute new baby teeth smile you have. It looks good on you!

I have told many people that I can't believe you are two. I've said that the first year feels simulteanously like 10 years and like a blink of the eye. And yet the second year feels like a complete fast forwarded movie of growth, new developments, talking and talking and talking, and walking and then running. It flew by! I feel like you just turned a year old, and then like we were just hanging out at the beach celebrating your 18 months half birthday.

Now you are two. You are entering the "terrible twos" now. I've heard it a few times already, "Watch out now... you're in for a ride." I'll admit it's been challenging at times with you. Like when you were super loud last week at the library and the lady came over and said, "I hear a dinosaur over here. Can we be a quieter dinosaur?" or when you fall on the floor as I'm trying to put your coat on, laughing, thinking it's hilarious when I can barely lean over to pick you up. Or when you say "no!" in your big boy voice that you all of a sudden seem to have developed this past week (I think you know the terrible two phrase or something). Yes, it's been tough at times. I just try to remind myself this is part of the growing... and I happen to love the growing that you are doing, so I am trying to roll with it.

You are the coolest thing in mine and Dad's world. I hope you know that. The times we have spent just the three of us this year and recently just you and me have been so special. As we prepare to become a family of four, I just hope you remember a few things...

You are our first love.
You taught us all we know about being good parents.
You made this adventure so much fun we decided to do it again.
We will always love you to the moon and back, no matter what.
We are so incredibly proud of you and all you have learned this year (eating more food, your first tooth, first steps and walking and running, talking, etc.).
We can't wait to see what this third year has in store for us all.

Last year I cried on your first birthday. I went up to your room after writing you a letter similar to this and picked you up out of your crib and rocked you while you slept. I sobbed... just thinking about all the ups and downs we'd had as a family - you, me and Dad. It was a tough first year together and yet it was amazing, nothing like it. This year, I'm tearing up as I write you this letter, just imagining you and all the fun and happiness that I see in you. Yet I'm not sad. It's not bittersweet this year that you are one whole year older. It's just plain cool. It's pretty incredible to know that everything me and Dad do is teaching you to become this little guy who thinks a lot and has his own ideas and who is loving this world around him. So this year, no tears. Just joy that you are this amazing little boy who we are so proud to call our son.

I love you, my little monkey.
Love, Mama

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