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Friday, January 20, 2012

books - breastfeeding 101

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A review of some helpful books about all things breastfeeding related!

The Everything Breastfeeding Book by Suzanne Fredergill and Ray Fredergill

Great book, tons of good information! This series does a great job with all of its book, this one is the same as the others. Filled with helpful info.

Breastfeeding Made Simple - Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC
This is one of the best breastfeeding books I have read. It's straight-forward, pro-breastfeeding, yet it leaves room for options like bottle-feeding and pumping. It was also written in more of a novel-fashion with chapters, instead of scary information that sometimes books give you with too much info all at once, big words, etc. This book was easy to read.

The Complete Book of Breastfeeding by Sally Wendkos Olds, Laura Marks, MD and Marvin S. Eiger, MD
Another informative book! This one was different from others in that it has a chapter specifically for dads, and also information on Milk Banks, where you can donate your frozen milk to mothers who cannot produce enough or have premature babies who need it. Great topics that are often not written about in other books.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Jack Newman, M.D. and Teresa Pitman
Yikes... I did not like this book. It was VERY strongly-worded with one single message on each page - breastfeeding is the only thing you can do to feed your child and if you don't, you are bad and your child is at strong risk for issues. It offers myths and facts about formula-fed babies and breast-feed babies, all geared toward pro-breastfeeding. It did not make me, someone who had a difficult time breastfeeding, feel good about not having breastfeeding come easily to me. Not the best resource for a scared mom-to-be who has never nursed before and wants to try it. I'd suggest another one of the books I've listed instead.

The Breastfeeding Cafe - Mothers Share the Joys, Challenges, and Secrets of Nursing by Barbara L. Behrmann
I have not yet finished skimming all of this book, but what I've read so far offers real, honest accounts of nursing - sore boobs and all! It's nice to hear of successes and challenges. I found one incredible piece by a woman who had a difficult time nursing her first child so chose to pump instead, and then tried nursing for two weeks with her second child and gave it up after all around her told her to keep going and instead pumped for a year. She reminds me of myself! I never read about people who strictly pumped, it makes me feel the odd woman out. This book offers stories that women can relate to and perhaps feel slightly more normal after reading we aren't the only ones.

The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins
This was an informative how-to book with pictures and real information that helps. Good read!

Who knows of any great Web resources for breastfeeding?

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