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Friday, January 20, 2012

book - Run Like a Mother

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Run Like a Mother - How to Get Moving and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

What a great book! This book is all about reclaiming your inner runner after becoming a mother. This book was a bit over my head, as it talked a lot about running 10Ks and half-marathons and real marathons... things I don't ever intend to do as a basic runner who has only done one 5K so far. Still, it had great info in it for someone like me, things that inspired me and wanted to get me going on my goal toward running that first 5K. If you are a seasoned runner who loves the adrenaline of racing, then this book is most definitely for you.

No matter what type of runner you are - beginner or pro or even just considering starting running - the title "Run Like a Mother" just strikes me as something we all should listen to. It means despite being a mom we can do all of these other things that sometimes we tell ourselves we can't do because we are too busy or overwhelmed with our M-O-M status.

A few of my favorites from the book:

"But it's the truth: For an overstressed, overtired, overextended mother, there are few other sensations that rival a delicious run. Once the sweat starts running down my temples, I daydream, analyze, smile, wonder, channel something cosmic. I feel alive and, perhaps most importantly, like myself again." (page 2) - McDowell

Site to check out-

"Running doesn't cure anything, of course. But it's a temporary fix. It makes your blood flow, your lungs fill, your rhythm return. You feel in charge, like you could change something if you only set your mind to it. Like disease and tragedy, running is raw and undiscriminating, but unlike those, running leads you to believe the world spins on order, reason, and positive vibes." (page 149) - McDowell

This is my favorite from the book, based on the books by Laura Joffe Numeroff, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
"If you give a mom a pair of running shoes and 40 kid-free minutes, she's going to want to go for a run. If she wants to go for a run, she'll need to put on a bra - a sports bra preferably.... When she finally gets to her room to get dressed, she'll realize she doesn't remember where she put her bra.... When she stretches her hand around her foot, she will see that her watch reads 2:20, which leaves her exactly 20 minutes for her 40-minute run. She will swear again, then dart from room to room in search of the bra, get dressed, lace up her shoes, and sprint out the door. And when she hits the road, she'll wonder why she's out of breath before she even started."

In between all of this the mom in the story stops to clean up mess on the floor and clean a daughter's shirt and answer a phone call and swear along the way. As a mom, you know we get sidetracked, find more things that we think "should" take our time at this moment... it's tough to keep on track with putting all of that aside and putting yourself first.

This book...
encourages you to get running, no matter who you are, how you run
talks about running during pregnancy -if it is or is not for you, it's OK
gives advice for sprains and breaks, taking time off, etc.
gives you real advice for putting aside the time you need to work out
talks about races and marathons and running hills and trails
gives you good ideas for working with your partner and around your children's schedules to get running

Every mom can Run Like a Mother. Just get moving.

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