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Thursday, December 1, 2011

what kids make me thankful for

It was recently Thanksgiving... and that holiday makes me, well, thankful for lots of things. Being a mom makes me thankful for even more in my life. Here are just a few of them... What are you thankful for?

change in my priorities- I actually leave work when I should and go home and let chores wait until after my son's bed time, because playing is more important

the ability to laugh a zillion times a day

unconditional love like no other

to be a kid again myself and do things that I'd never do as a kid, like run through mud puddles and get super dirty

being a mom makes me a better me, I take better care of myself because my kids need me

the huge and growing group of supportive mom friends I now have at my disposal because I joined their club

my body, and what it did to bring my kids to me, and new-found body image I have accepting that what's "wrong" with my body is only "imperfect" because it did a huge job of being strong to carry life in it and it should not be any other way

that my son makes me love my husband even more, seeing my husband in my son

appreciating the small things in life, like Christmas lights and leaves falling and playgrounds and stopping to pet a dog that we pass by

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