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Sunday, December 18, 2011

new AAP advice

Just read this in the latest Parent magazine:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised two statements recently.

"WATCHING TV - Back in 1999, when the AAP declared that children under 2 shouldn't be exposed to television and videos, there wasn't a whole lot of science to back up that recommendation. But after examining more than 50 studies that look at the effects of media on that age group, the AAP is standing its ground. Research shows that watching TV can cause irregular sleep habits and schedules, and can be linked to late talking. Instead of putting your child in front of the screen, give him something safe to play with - he'll figure out how to entertain himself."


"PREVENTING SIDS - In addition to the usual rules for babies up to 1 year - starting with always putting your baby to sleep on her back - there are some big changes: The AAP now recommends no bedsharing, no bumpers, and no cosleepers (which attach at the side of your bed). You should breastfeed if possible and fully immunize your baby; both have been associated with a decreased risk for SIDS. Offer a pacifier too: sucking on one may reduce the odds, perhaps because it positions the tongue in a way that helps keep the airways open."

What do YOU think?

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