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Friday, December 23, 2011

books about toddlers!

Just a few books I've enjoyed with good information about toddlers!

Supernanny - How to Get the Best from Your Children by Jo Frost
LOVE Supernanny the show and the book is awesome, too! I loved the pictures in this book, and the information is so easy to read and useful, covering every topic imaginable. Great book!

The Girlfriends' Guide to Toddlers by Vicki Iovine
I have read all of Iovine's Girlfriends' books. Love them all. Written as though it's from your best friend, someone you trust and can relate to, the information is helpful and fun to read about.

On page 88 Iovine wrote, "You may not agree with me now, but one of the most amusing things about toddlers is the neck-snapping speed with which they change their likes and dislikes in all things, particularly food. This can be crazy-making for those of us moms who don't have the time or inclination to prepare entire meals that were acceptable yesterday but rejected today, but it does keep things interesting."

There are chapters on all topics that pertain to toddlers. One great tip she suggested was when considering moving to the toddler bed, try putting the toddler bed in the same room as the crib for a little bit so your child gets used to seeing it around. I'd never read that before. Interesting, if you can fit both in one room together!

I LOVED the Top Ten Things We'll Miss Most About Toddlers list on page 252 that included things like, "The swish-swish sound their diapers make when they walk," and "How juicy their kisses are," and "How they can turn back into babies when they're tired," and "The way they truly believe the magic of the universe," and "The way they pretend to talk on the phone." It's so true, especially that one about how they can switch back to being babies. I will miss that when it's gone someday.

What to Expect - The Toddler Years by Heidi Murkoff
I love this series, and this book is no different than the first couple in the series. Tons of great, real-life, helpful information about this challenging toddler time. It breaks it down into each month span until 36 months old. In the back of the book are great chapters on feeding your toddler, keeping your toddler healthy, toddlers becoming siblings, etc.

The Everything Toddler Book by Linda Sonna, Ph.D.
From page 10 in this book, the author offers great advice about this tricky toddler age! "With the increased independence that comes with walking, toddlers experience a surging desire for autonomy. Combine this desire with the changes that walking introduces into their lives, and it is typical for their behavior to deteriorate a bit. Expect more crying, defiance, and trouble getting your child to go to sleep."

She covers all kinds of topics in this book and offers great facts, such as this one on page 11, "At twelve months, 50 percent of youngsters can say six or more words. When the toddler years end, speaking vocabulary has ballooned to 1,000 words; three-year-olds combine them to express thousands of ideas!" All of that learning is what makes the toddler times fun!

There are some great diagrams in this book that show the most common sign language words. The author also says that stuttering is very common in toddlers because their rate of speaking is slower than their rate of thinking up ideas to speak. Patience with helping the child slow down his speech is key here, Sonna said.

Sonna said the biggest goal in teaching toddlers is to teach them daily living skills like washing their hands, eating, putting on their clothes, picking up their toys, brushing their teeth, and using the toilet. She also suggested having your toddlers follow you in learning various other life skills like sweeping the floor or pushing around a play lawn mower outside.

The chapter on discipline was great! Instead of offering just "no!" follow that no with something the child can do. For example, one I often use with my son... "No, Owen, you cannot bang your toy hammer on Dad's nice wood floors or the walls (that you've already dented before we noticed!), but you can bang bang the hammer on this table or the couch." It's also really important to offer your child choices to avoid the fits to begin with.

A great book, tons of resources in the back, including Web sites, books, etc. Also some GREAT charts at the end of the book saying what your child should do at various stages during the toddler years.

I've also often wondered what age bracket the "toddler years" refers to. According to this book, it's age 12 months to 36 months.

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