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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a birth story - Beth Wallace

The letter below is my dear friend and photographer momma, Beth Wallace's birth story, as she wrote a note to a mommy friend last year. Such a great story! Thanks, Beth, for sharing. You are one great momma... that I know to be true.

Hey fellow momma!

Holden is sleeping (hooray!) and I have a few minutes. My milk has come in and he took full advantage yesterday. We realized that he nursed almost every hour yesterday. He latched on right away from the beginning. Such a good boy.

I think our birth stories are a little similar with their twists and turns, but I am SO relieved to not have had to wait as long as you did. I don't think I realized quite how ready I was to have him out. Doesn't it feel nice to be able to move, breathe, sleep (kindof :), etc?

So, here's the scoop. My water broke at 3am on Friday. I wasn't sure if it was my water or not bc I had inserted primrose oil and they caused a lot of leaking the day before too. So, I didn't get my hopes up too much but then contractions started too. we called our doula who told us to call the clinic when they open. We got an appt for 9:15am and they confirmed that my water did break. The hospital is across the street so we were packed and moved right in.

I was able to walk the hospital for a while. I can't quite remember when active labor started but I think it was around 8pm that night. Around 11, I still wouldn't dilate past 4/5cm so pitocin was on the books for me. I really didn't want that because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle the pain of being induced. I was also exhausted by that point and begged everyone for an epidural. I had a doctor instead of a midwife for a while and she was really encouraging the pitocin and epidural. Our nurse was great though and starved her off for a bit...She kept "forgetting" to put in the IV right away, the pharmacy "took a long time" etc, in hopes that I would dilate more on my own. When it started to get close to being the time, I was so nauseous and threw up like I never had before. Josh and I were both surprised because usually I cry my brains out when I throw up but this was all mission related but I still ended up needing the pitocin.

Our doula was amazing though. She suggested Stadol (sp?) as a first step instead of the epidural because it might just give me some energy. It basically knocked me out for at least an hour but then I couldn't fully wake up. I hated that part. I could hear everything going on around me but couldn't participate. It was like I was in a coma. The doctor came back in and said I either needed an epidural or more Stadol. They kept asking me but all I'd say is that I wanted the pain to go away.

So Josh had to decide on the spot what they should do with me. He knew I was too drunk/high on the Staydol and that I rationally didn't want an epidural and would want to be able to push and the epidural would make pushing prolonged. He and Lyndi talked and he asked for us to just have another hour to see how things progressed and they did!

I finally came to. I knew that whole time I was 9cm dilated but I knew if I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom without falling asleep, I wouldn't be able to push. Finally though I started pushing, which took 2 hours. My favorite midwife came on around then though and I was so relieved to see her. However, there was at least one other birth going on at the same time and she kept having to rotate. Every time she would leave I'd stall.

Come to find out, at 9:45, she delivered my friend's baby next door, who was supposed to be delivering at a birth center in Stratham. I knew she was in labor that day because I hadn't heard from her at all. She was two weeks late and I didn't want to contact her when I went into labor bc I was afraid she'd be upset. (We saw each other 3x last week) and I had heard someone from the birth center had been transported. I looked at Lyndi and said, "That's Nicole in there isn't it?" I kind of remember the look she gave me, as in "How the hell do you know that?" She gave me a discreet nod bc of course they're not supposed to tell you and when Candace finally came back, they said she was back for good because the other woman had delivered.

So then I was VERY motivated to get my baby out too. I knew that she didn't want a hospital birth and if she could do it, so could I. I pushed hard until he finally came out. Josh said this was the funniest part of the whole thing. I was very polite the entire time I was in labor, saying thank you, please, etc. But toward the end, I screamed, "Get this fucking child out meeee!!!" I guess Josh and Lyndi had to try to not laugh at that one!

He was finally born at 10:15am. A lot of people are surprised that I was able to labor and push him out without the epidural and frankly, so am I. The thing that helped me was the hypnobirthing. When I would have a contraction in the later part I would go into this trance, repeating things like, "calm, baby move down, relax, open, etc," and I would do yoga type breathing. Then I would pass out between contractions. It was hard to find a way to get comfortable though. My best position was actually sitting up in bed, half crosslegged, and when I wasn't having a contraction, I leaned forward onto Josh's shoulder.

I think that's about everything! I hope this gave you a little reading material. It's actually nice to have it all written out so I can send it to other people too.

So enough about me. Tell me how Kylie and you are doing. I know you guys are planning on moving by this summer but when you're back in the Hanover area, keep me posted. A trip up there would be wonderful. We could strap our babies into carriers and hike out to Velvet Rocks. I can't wait for our little ones to meet!

Beth (and a snoozing, cuddly Holden)

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