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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

starting solid foods

From the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron, I found many great ideas about starting solid foods with your baby. It's a really great resource, so check it out!

Some good info from the book:

On page 10 Yaron offers 6 reasons for waiting to start solid foods until your baby is at least 4 months old.
"Reason 1. Your baby's digestive system is too immature for solid foods before 4 months. Although he can suck very well, he does not have a lot of saliva to help digest food."
I liked reason 3 that babies less than 4 months old cannot developmentally or physically move their heads away from the spoon of food you are feeding them to tell you when they are finished eating. I'm big into not forcing babies to eat since they start out in the world knowing when they are hungry and full and that is different for them every day.

The chart on page 12 titled, "Signs of Readiness for Solid Foods," included some good tips for when to know your baby is ready to start eating solids. Some tips included:
-She weighs twice as much as her birth weight.
-She can sit with support, allowing her to lean forward when she wants another spoonful and backward to refuse.
-She is drinking at least 32-40 ounces of formula in 24 hours and still wants more.
-She is breastfeeding at least 8-10 times per 24 hours and still wants more.
-She shows interest in others eating around her.

The chart on page 58 titled, "Super Baby Food Daily Servings and Portion Sizes" was fantastic. It was just what I was looking for a year ago when I started this process with my own son. I wanted specific measurements of how much to feed him, at least to start out with until I understood how much he wanted at different meal times and with various foods. It gives specific measurements like 2 tablespoons of rice cereal or vegetables for what you should feed your baby. Very helpful to base your own child's feedings on.

Overall a great resource. To each their own, you need to feed your child when you think she is ready and based on what your pediatrician recommends. It's nice to gather information from books like this.

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