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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

play group fun!

Yesterday we went to our first toddler time play group. It was so much fun! My child had grapes and apple juice (first time for juice for some reason I have not given it to him yet, oops! He loved it!). He played with musical instruments and cars and a doll house. There were babies and toddlers and 4-year-olds all mixed in together. Too much fun.

My busy toddler boy actually sat still while I rocked him and he sucked his thumb, listening and singing along to the music as the woman played a guitar. It was awesome!

That is until I watched my son walk over to a group of girls. He stood there, all nonchalant in his 18-months-way. One girl said to him, "No boys allowed over here. This is just for girls," in a whiny girl voice. Owen looked at her, holding on for dear life to his red ball and yellow broom type toy. Another girl said, "Yeah... this is just for girls." My son looked at them, looked at me, then back at the girls, tossed the ball and took off running! I couldn't believe we'd gone through the first negative situation with peers. Not that it was a big deal. Those same girls were totally nice to him and shared the doll house later. Still, I could totally sense my mama bear instincts coming out in me, wanting to go tell those girls to be nice to my son! Which they were, later. It's all good! I'm sure my son will do the same to someone someday soon. It goes with the territory.

Play groups are fun. You can find them everywhere, too. The library story hour is a great place to meet other moms. It's a cool feeling to get within a ten-foot radius of other moms and instantly you are bonded over talks about feedings and diaper changing and exhaustion and toddler tantrums. Love it. Sometimes we moms just need people who get it.

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