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Friday, August 12, 2011

Heather's maternity photo shoot!

As a gift to my dear friend, Heather, who I originally started this blog for, I took her out for a maternity photo shoot, mostly against her will. She was unsure if she even wanted to have pictures of her pregnant. I'm happy she trusted me and let me do it as a gift to her. I knew she'd appreciate them later on. And she did. She has thanked me a zillion times and even approved me to post them here and on Facebook! Yay!

Enjoy... (Isn't she just beautiful?!)

It was even more special because we did this photo shoot on Heather and Kevin's wedding anniversary, in the same location that they took their wedding photographs!

Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy, Heather. So, so grateful you love these photos and allowed me to do them for you. You are gorgeous!

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