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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Web site -

I just stumbled upon this great Web site, There is too much to share here that I liked from the site, but I'll offer up just a few for you to check out.
(Note: not all views portrayed on Web sites I post on this blog are the same views I share, just providing information for you to peruse.)

For moms-to-be:

*How to change a baby's diaper -

*Doctor or midwife? -

*A birth plan creator (very cool!) -

*What nobody tells you about the first week after birth -

For new moms:
*Breastfeeding tips -

*Going home with baby

*Great tips for baby care -

*Surviving the holidays with a new baby (for my dear friend Heather who is due near Christmas!) -

*You can't possibly spoil a newborn -

For moms in the middle of it all:
*Stopping tantrums -

*Play for infants -

*Managing work and baby -

*Mom friends and toddlers -

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