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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stonyfield rewards

(image from Google)

My younger sister taught me a cool secret awhile ago that I'll share. Stonyfield gives away rewards for saving the covers of yogurts and other products. We buy lots of their baby yogurts - especially the ones that mix all the healthy stuff together like green beans and pears or sweet potatoes and apples. You simply take off the lid, type in the code that is on them (it will be on one cover per four-pack of yogurts) on the Stonyfield Web site, under your new account, and voila you begin earning points toward free things. You can earn more Stonyfield products or subscriptions to magazines, sweatshirts, etc. I'm saving up for an Eric Carle caterpillar height chart.

I believe you have until December 31, 2011 to redeem the rewards, so get saving and earning points!

Check it out here:
On the right of the screen, go to "My Stonyfield Rewards"
Set up your account with an email address
Start entering points!

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