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Monday, July 4, 2011

packing up

Going for a long weekend or a vacation with a baby is quite a task. Preparing for it is a whole different story. I make lists at least five days in advance, things I know I'll forget if left up to my busy brain the day before leaving for a weekend. So I start writing a list early, including things on it that you'd think you'd never forget like your cell phone or the baby's diapers or the pack n' play for the baby to sleep in. You never know how busy your mind is going to be as you are packing, so it's best to just write it all down.

A few things we never leave home without when going away for more than one night:

*noise maker or music player (mostly to drown out any noises other people who aren't used to having a baby around and needing to be quiet during nap time)
*pack n' play
*portable high chair (once baby starts eating solids)
*cooler bag (we have a baby one that I got at Babies R Us that we do not go anywhere without!)
*battery and car charger for pump (definitely must-have items if you intend to pump or nurse)
*toys in a bag up front for the car ride (don't pack these in the trunk... you will need some books and small trucks or something to keep baby occupied while driving long distances)
*the camera, video one, too!
*snacks (once baby is able to eat)
*bibs, burp cloths, and wipes - tons of things to clean up those messes!
*more diapers than you think you need, same with changes of clothes
*bath shampoo (you never know when the messes will come)

What items do you find helpful to take along when traveling?

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