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Friday, July 29, 2011

July's sightings - Web sites, that is

A few good Web sites I found in the back of a book I recently reviewed.

(Note: Not all opinions and information shared in these sites are things the author of this blog agrees with. Read with caution and your own smarts!)
This is a Web site and blog written by the author who wrote the book I recently reviewed, "It'll get easier - and other lies we tell new moms." It's got tons of information about being a mom, new parent, babies, and just other interesting things women may enjoy reading about.
This site looks like it has tons of great information about getting pregnant, pregnancy, and then all ages of having children from babies to teenagers. Good info! Too much to write about here, you'll have to check it out for yourself.
Looks packed with info! There is even a "birth club," where you type in your due date in order to find other moms in the same boat as you are with pregnancy. Seems interesting.
This looks like a cool site. I haven't signed up yet, but apparently it's free. It's a site where you can chat on message boards with other moms. There are various categories you can sign in for - babies, pregnancy, mom of toddler, single moms, military moms, etc. I'd love to hear if anyone is currently using this site and what you think of it.
This one looks awesome! I've barely skimmed the surface of this mom blog, but it's great so far. The author, Liz, seems witty and fun and like some mother I'd love to get to know at a play group someday. The best part? The title of her blog is "Mom 101 - I don't know what I'm doing either." LOVE IT.
This site is for anyone wanting to write about mom-related stories. It looks interesting, but I haven't really figured out how it all works yet. Anyone heard of this?

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