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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

blog post - top 5 things I wish I'd known

I found this blog post on by one of my new favorite parenting authors Vicki Glembocki about the top 5 things she wished she'd known before the baby came.

The things include: embrace your maternity clothes, babies cry, you will want to kill your husband, call the people who offer to help you, and you are not alone. Awesome advice!

Check out the full post here: It's a must-read for parents-to-be.

So with this post I'll add my own top 5 things I wish I'd known before the baby came. I think I already posted something similar, but I'll re-post in a few short words because it doesn't hurt to make it sink in to your brain faster!
1. Breastfeeding is really hard.
2. It's OK if breastfeeding does not work the way you expected it to work.
3. It's normal for you and your husband to have a difficult time together as new parents, because it is overwhelming, new and a challenge to work out together. But you will be OK.
4. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Really though, do it.
5. Take more pictures the first few weeks, even though you are tired and sore. You will miss those opportunities if you don't do it when you see the baby growing.

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