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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

anti-perfectionist parenting

YES! I am an anti-perfectionist parent! Finally, I have found a term for what I'm trying to be. Although, I know many friends would say otherwise, because they think all the photos I post and weekly updates of Owen and the pumping for a year classify me in that perfect parent category, I certainly do not and in fact feel like I should give up some of those activities I do in order to get the hell away from the perfect parent category!

I try really hard to be a real parent. I am a focused, totally in the moment, trying to live each day type of parent. In some cases I'm sure that puts me in the awesome parent category, because I'm trying to live each day as if it's going to be gone, which it is. However, as far as perfection goes, I'm far from it and don't want to get close to it. It's too much pressure, expectation, and totally unrealistic and unattainable to even attempt getting close to perfection.

It's easier to be authentic and genuine.

This short blog post is awesome. Check it out!
The last line is my favorite: "Plus, life is a lot more fun when you're not so perfect."

This is a pretty neat blog I stumbled upon today, Expecting Words. It is for parents-to-be, but has info on there about parenting also. Great site!

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