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Monday, June 6, 2011

why ask why?

I was walking through Wal-Mart the other day. A woman said this to her young boy, "There aren't answers to all 'why' questions, you know." It made me so sad to hear her say that. Yes, I'm sure her son was asking a zillion questions of the "Well, why, Mommy, why?" variety. I'm sure the mother was on her last nerve and was so preoccupied with the grocery list and the other children in the cart that she truly just could not handle one more of those "why" questions. Still, it broke my heart to hear her say it out loud like that to this young, just very curious and innocent little boy.

It reminded me of my son and the patience I've realized I need to have with him now that he's himself a very curious young boy toddler.

It's not always easy to be that patient, understanding and totally with it as the great mom you say you want to be. Life gets to you and distracts you sometimes.

Hearing this mom say this to her son made me realize that I'm going to have many moments like that, too. This one statement I overheard her say does not mean she's a bad mom by any means. I refuse to judge another mother. We have no idea what she's going through and at the same time we understand all too well that it's hard.

But still, I hope to be the type of mom who never says this to my son. Perhaps I'll say something similar on accident and this post is going to serve as a reminder to myself to stop and back up. To stop and say, "Why, honey? I'm not sure why, but let's figure it out together. I'm glad you're so curious." I hope to have more things like that coming out of my mouth.

And on the days where I just scream - at least inside my own head - Dear God please son don't ask another WHY question! I hope that somebody overhears me and says, "This too shall pass. Be patient!"

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