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Monday, June 13, 2011

this I believe...about pregnancy

So you are pregnant. I'm sure you already know some of these things, but it doesn't hurt to know someone else gets it, understands what you're going through. So here is what I know about pregnancy.

1. It's the coolest feeling ever!

2. It is a huge responsibility. I even stopped eating red and orange dyed candies, fruit snacks and chips while pregnant because I heard the red dyes could cause birth defects. I'm sure this is crazy, but knowing this information was a potential I gave it all up completely.

3. It changes your body forever. It just does. You will adjust to the physical changes eventually, but while it's happening sometimes it's tough to go through.

4. Heartburn is terrible. I lived off of Tums. I had them in my purse, car, drawer at work, etc. It goes away the second you deliver that baby though, so just keep that in mind.

5. Stretch marks are inevitable, even small ones, even if you use the cream lotion. I say they are battle scars from the biggest journey I went on.

6. Feeling your baby move and kick in your belly is the best feeling ever.

7. It makes you feel proud of yourself, excited about what you can accomplish, being the caretaker, the grower of your baby.

8. It brings you closer than ever to your husband.

9. It makes you an emotional wreck at times...

10. It changes your life forever.

11. It's the best thing I've ever done, ever.

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