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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

this I believe...about parenting

At the school I work at a teacher has assigned her kids the "This I Believe" project. The kids have to start their sentence with "this I believe" and finish it with whatever comes to mind. I'll do the same here for the topic of parenting.

1. It's the most incredible thing you could ever do in your life.

2. It's hard and overwhelming at times.

3. But you get through the tough times, you just do, somehow, because you love this kid.

4. It's the biggest thing I'm proud of doing.

5. You need patience to be a good parent.

6. It's never good to compare yourself as a mom or your kid to other kids. Everyone's situation is different.

7. It's a different experience for everyone, and yet we all can relate.

8. It's all-consuming.

9. It makes you a better person.

10. It makes your marriage even stronger.

11. It's crazy fun, the most fun you'll ever have, seriously.

12. It's never ending. There is always one more moment you are expected to be a parent.

13. It's true love.

14. It's rewarding.

15. It changes your life, completely, forever.

16. It's AMAZING.

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