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Saturday, June 11, 2011

preparing for baby

Here are a few things to do before baby arrives:

1. Rest up. You will need your energy! Take it easy. The to-do list will need to wait a bit while you relax and take care of yourself.

2. Go out on a date with your hubby. You won't have time or energy after baby arrives and for a little while after, so go out to dinner AND a movie (yes, force yourself to stay awake and focused that long!).

3. Organize the baby room. I've seen many people leave tags on things and not take the packaging off of things, not open the wipes container, etc. before baby arrives. You won't want to be dealing with this when the baby is screaming and needs those items. Maybe save some tags on a few items of clothing if you're not sure if you have too many of something, but otherwise open it all and set it up how you like it. And if you're like me and could not get the baby room ready beforehand due to construction projects that took too much money and time, it's OK. Baby will survive without a baby room, I swear. Owen came home to using two of my own personal dresser drawers, the changing table on top of the dresser where Jared used to keep some clothes and bills, and the bassinet stuck in the corner of the room. It was not perfect, but it did the job.

4. Read as much as you can and take a class, but don't freak yourself out! Don't read too much, but figuring out a little info beforehand can be helpful.

5. Ask your doctor anything. That's what they are there for. You can't possibly ask something they have never heard before. And call them if you ever feel strange with the pregnancy. Don't feel like you are bothering them. They are used to the questions and anxiety, it's all par for the course.

6. Finish projects. During trimester 2 when you feel much better (hopefully!) try to organize those random projects around the house with your husband that you put off but really want to accomplish before you won't have any time for it after baby is here.

7. Make yourself a couple of meals to freeze. If you have the energy or help from your man, put a couple of dinners in the freezer. People will hopefully bring you tons of food, but it never hurts to have a couple meals ready to go. You won't have energy to cook again for quite some time after caring for a newborn.

8. Pack the diaper bag, hospital bag, and post a list on the fridge of what you will need for the hospital that you can't pack yet. Just do it early, just in case. Due dates are not sure things.

9. Talk it out. Talk to your husband about your fears, things you are nervous about, your birth plan, how you want to handle certain situations that may come up (circumcision for a boy or not? pacifier in the hospital or not? nursing or not? visitors any time in the hospital or not? post pictures on Facebook right away or not?). Just talk and talk. Of course things may change your plans, so be ready for the unexpected. Still, talking it out before is helpful.

10. Enjoy the process and hang in there. You won't get this again with this baby. You won't ever feel her inside your belly again. It's an amazing thing, despite the swollen feet and heartburn. Know also that you WILL survive, I promise. The baby will come out, you will return to having your own body, and things will be great.

11. BUY DIAPERS. Lots of them. Every time you go grocery shopping.

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