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Sunday, June 5, 2011

favorite baby toys

So many toys! You will soon see, once you have your shower(s), Christmas and birthdays that toys, toys, toys are in your future! They will surely take over your house - in a great way. It's fun having them all around! Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Sophie the giraffe - This was Owen's all-time favorite toy! He stared using this when he was about 3 months old. We took it everywhere we went until he was almost a year old. It was his "thing" he needed to have with him all the time. There is lots of good info about this online. It's a good teething toy for kids and it has more great traits about it. They are about $20 and for a basically glorified dog chew toy (they do squeak!) that's expensive if you ask me. However, Owen loved it, so I guess I'd pay that. Put it on your registry so someone else can get it for you! (and our Sophie does not look that clean anymore at all. The dots are all fading after much drool and eating!)

2. Books - Can't have too many books. We get lots of these at yard sales and library book sales. Owen loves books.

3. Seahorse - We have a glow worm type seahorse that when you press its yellow belly it makes music. Owen loves this! This was the one thing we also took lots of places when Owen needed a nap in the car seat, as well as we keep it in his crib. It has silky fins on it that Owen rubs his fingers through when falling asleep. We got this mainly for when we were transitioning him to the crib and helping him to fall asleep on his own during naps. We thought to replace us helping him fall asleep we'd put in something that would help him sleep more comfortably. We adore seahorse! They are about $15 I think and we got it at Wal-Mart.

4. Everyday stuff around the house - pots and pans, kitchen spoons, boxes, remote controls for the TV, etc. - Honestly, don't spend tons of money on toys. People will give you plenty for Christmas and birthdays, and you can certainly keep your child occupied with stuff around the house. Owen LOVES our kitchen plastic spoons! He's taken them over. I think I found one in the bath tub last week and the others are in the toy box in the living room. It's true though, some bowls and toys around the house are perfectly OK in the kid's book!

5. Toys on the stroller and car seat - You'll definitely want a few hanging toys for the stroller and car seat handle. Owen loved these. It was the only way we survived car rides and stroller rides for a while there. They are cheap at Babies-R-Us and good things to add to your registry, as people like cute things to throw in with their gifts to you.

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