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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Baby,

Before Owen was born I wrote him a letter. Jared wrote him one when he was a couple of weeks old. We cherish these letters, written right in his baby book. I wrote about how amazing it was to feel him kicking inside my belly, how I couldn't wait to see who he looked like, whether he was a he or a she, and how much I already loved him. Jared wrote about how incredible it was to finally meet him, how much we truly adore him already, and how he hopes Owen remembers we are always here for him as his parents.

I encourage you to sit down before your baby arrives and write him or her a letter saying what it's been like to carry the baby in your stomach, what you hope for when she arrives, and all that you plan to do as a mommy. It's pretty neat. I hope to write him a new letter each year on his birthday. It's cool to reflect on them and where I was at as a mom.

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