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Friday, June 3, 2011

comfort foods

These are a few of the foods I loved to snack on while recovering from the birth of baby.

smoothies - those Stonyfield already made delicious ones
trail mix
cheese sticks

It was so important to me to have healthy, easy snacks around to eat when I was hungry, when I was exhausted, in the middle of the night, and when I just wanted something for ME. In those first few weeks it's important to nourish your body, even if you are so ready to be shedding those pregnancy pounds. Your body needs nourishment.

My good friend, Sarah, made me the most amazing pancake muffins the week after Owen was born. She said when her own son was born too many people gave her full meals, and she found she wanted snacks around for those late night feedings and just for random moments of hunger. So she packed me the nicest care package, including these amazing muffins. I don't know which recipe she used, but these sound yummy. Check out the recipe below:

These are some delicious orange muffins that would make anyone's day better.

The recipe for these is at Delicious!

Sarah also made me really great trail mix in a jar. That was the best. Just a handful and I was satisfied.
Great trail mix ideas: (try a random combination of these)
peanut butter m n m's
chocolate chips
white chocolate chips
chex cereal
sunflower seeds

Happy snacking!

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