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Friday, June 24, 2011

book: mom*over

I recently read the book mom*over by Dana Wood. It was pretty interesting. It's really for people who are in my shoes, about a year into being a new mom, with advice on how to get back to being yourself again after putting so much of yourself into being a great mom. Still, I think it's great advice for you to read now even while still pregnant so you can slightly prepare yourself for when things change.

Some quotes I loved:

"There's no 'wrong' way to do the newborn thing, but there is a painful way to do it, and that's to second-guess yourself all the way through. That tends to lead you to a kind of psychological ground zero and before long, you're wondering why you ever decided to have a baby in the first place."
It's so important to listen to yourself and your partner first and foremost. Yes, read books and talk to friends and ask your mom for help, but at the end of the day it's up to you and what your gut feeling tells you.

I absolutely loved page 28 and the list of things it says you should remind yourself of, which are entirely about taking care of yourself first. A few of these on the list include:
-caring about myself as much as I care about my newborn.
-cutting myself slack for what I don't know about taking care of a newborn, and celebrating myself for all the things I've learned.
-blaming hormones for all the crazy feelings I may have
-giving myself a break from time to time
-eat well to take care of myself
The biggest thing that made sense to me on this list was "I will recognize that, a year from now, I won't even remember most of the nonsense I'm fretting over and obsessing about." This is so true! When your child turns a year old you will not have a clue how using breastmilk versus formula made an impact on your kid, or whether you waited until 4 or 5 or 7 months to feed your kid solid food made a big difference. It all doesn't matter later on, yet in the moment it feels like it's such a big decision. Give yourself some slack. You can't mess things up too bad. I promise.

Overall, an interesting read. I found a lot of cool Web sites in the back of the book to check out. The author seems to really know what it's like to be a mom, and that's the one thing you really want in a book about mommyhood so this is a good one.

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