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Sunday, June 26, 2011

best wishes to LIBBY!

And here it is, another baby shower to attend, and I am sure glad I started this blog for two friends already so that I can add a third dear friend to the mix! My husband's cousin and his wife are expecting a baby girl in September. Libby is one of the coolest, sweetest and most sincere people I've ever met. It's been so great getting to know her better the last couple of years. I know she and Lloyd will make great parents!

I hope you enjoy browsing through this blog about all of my crazy, silly, and sometimes sappy mom-isms. You know me well enough now to appreciate my randomness, so it's fitting opening up this writing and mommy side of my world to you. I actually can't wait until you are a mom and you can share stories of your own here, as I'm sure there will be many with cloth diapers and vegetarian eating, things I admire and think are so great for your baby in keeping in line with how totally cool you are now! Please know Jared and I are here if you ever need anything at all. We can't wait to meet Robyn and to have another cousin for Owen!

P.S. Libby, this was not ready for your shower today because I was waiting on a picture of you pregnant, which I got this weekend! Yay! ENJOY!

P.P.S. To the other gals reading this blog, baby shower pics to come soon from Libby's special day today!

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