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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

29 going on 30

Today is my birthday. June 1st! I love my birthday. Today I was telling someone at work how I'm excited to turn 30 next year, that being 29 does not scare me, but rather makes me excited. She said that most people dread turning 30 and that it's probably because they don't have things figured out like I do. I laughed out loud hearing her say she thinks I have it figured out.

She explained, "You have a husband, a son, and a great career. You have everything people want. You work hard for it all, but still you have it before you turn 30." I instantly felt so incredibly lucky. Other people strive for this, can't wait to have what I have. Even the bills, the mortgage, the diapers, the working a second job to make ends meet, the silly disagreements, the no dates out in a year because we're too tired to plan for a sitter, the stretch marks, the middle of the night cries from the crib, the responsibilities... people want all of that. And I have all of that. I am truly blessed and lucky.

And soon you will be, too! You already are, of course you know that. Just being pregnant is a big deal. Soon you'll have what others can only dream of having. I am so happy for you both.

It's nice to be reminded of what we have that we too often take for granted. So on those days when you feel so sick and tired of being sick and tired and essentially pregnant... just remind yourself of how lucky you are to be able to carry a baby into this world. It's a pretty cool thing what we have with being able to have kids. Let's not forget it.

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