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Monday, May 30, 2011

pregnancy package!

I sent Jess a whole box of baby girl clothes when she found out what she was having. It was so much fun picking out PINK items! She sent me an adorable rattle for Owen when she found out I was pregnant.

I am sending Heather a pregnancy package that I've been working on for two weeks now, ever since I found out she was pregnant!

I originally wanted to send all of the items I included in my sister's pregnancy package last year; things I thought every mom-to-be could not live without. Those things would include:
-ginger ale
-saltine crackers
-ginger from the health food store
-bagels (because they are all that made me feel better the first month of pregnancy)
-really comfy sweatpants and a sweatshirt
-adorable maternity clothes just for fun
-pregnancy and parent magazines
-Tums for heartburn
-stretch mark cream for the preggo belly
-and something little for baby

I could not send some of these items in the mail, so I opted for the things seen below:

Heather, I'm hoping that when you get this package in the mail you realize a few things:
-I am here for you, even if so far away.
-I am sooo happy and excited for you about to become a mom.
-I know what you are going through, so ask me anything!

It has been so much fun buying baby things again. It's totally making me want another one! They grow so fast. It seems so long ago that I was in this pregnancy stage. I know pregnancy is really tough, but try to enjoy it because honestly it'll be over before you know it. It really is an incredible thing to go through. Hang in there!

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