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Saturday, May 28, 2011

how to survive the first week with baby

The first week is pretty crazy, I'm not going to lie. It's exhausting with all the visitors and all of the new things you are learning as first-time parents. It's important that you take a step back to realize that it may be difficult and amazing at the same time. Hope these tips help a bit!

Sleep when baby sleeps - seriously. I did not do this, sadly to say, as much as I should have. It is the single most important thing I regret. Next time around I fully intend to try to do this more.

Write everything down-
who gave you a gift, who called and you need to call back, what time the baby peed and pooped and ate, which side you need to nurse next, when the next doctors appointment was, all the cute things your baby is doing, etc.

Don't care about laundry, dishes, the floors, the bed being made, or even if you have showered or not. Just BE in the moment. You won't get this time back. Plus, your body needs to rest, and you'll be too busy taking care of this new life to worry about those things.

Go with the flow of your emotions.
If you are sad, be sad and cry. If you are happy, just smile and overflow with joy. Just go with it, you can't control it anyway.

Put ice on your chest girls. It does help with swelling, I promise, and they will go back to normal size soon.

Eat whenever and whatever you need to. Yes, I'm sure you are eager to get back to your pre-pregnancy body size, but now is not the time to worry about that. Exhaustion and the energy your body needs to heal itself from the trauma that it just went through with labor require you to FEED your body and nourish yourself. So whatever people drop off to your house - be it chocolate donuts, brownies, apple muffins, or baked ziti - just eat it. One thing I lived on those first few weeks was Stonyfield Smoothies. Those hit the spot in the middle of the night or morning when I was hungry but didn't want to eat something heavy so I could actually go back to sleep for an hour.

Accept help. So many people will be offering you their services - to cook for you, to clean up after they bring supper over, to change a diaper, to swap the laundry loads or fold a basket of clothes, to pick up milk at the store, etc. ALLOW IT. You need the help and people love to offer it to new parents.

Take more pictures than you even think I would take! You will soon see that your baby is bigger by the 5th day than she was at the 4th day, and by the second week than she was at the first week. You won't get these days back, so capture every moment!

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