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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

how I knew I was ready to be done having kids

This questions comes up in the discussion group all the time: how do you know you're ready for another child? How do you know you're done having kids? 

It's a loaded question for sure. So much to consider and process, emotionally and mentally. There is the reality: what can we afford? How will we as parents manage another child? There are the emotions involved and the feelings of having that little newborn in your arms again, going through the baby stage all over again with its ups and downs. There's the future to consider: how will we afford daycare and college bills someday? But how will we be with just the one or two we have, not having another, would we feel complete or missing something? So much to think about. 

Everyone's story is different. Everyone's financial situation is different. Everyone's capacity to handle certain things is different. 

Like I could have not have had another child if my big kids were younger, but some people have kids back to back year after year and it works for them. This type of decision is one that's not made lightly, and it really depends on who you are and what your family structure is like. 

Here is my story, in hopes that it helps you in figuring out if you are done having children. 

When my son turned a year old, we talked about having another baby. I wasn't ready. I'd just stopped pumping and wanted my body back to run for a while. So we waited until he was 18 months old before getting pregnant again. It worked well for us. We knew we wanted at least two children. That was such an easy decision, not much to consider.

When my second, daughter, was a year old I was NO where near ready to think about having a baby. So we said probably when she's two years old. Well two years old came around and I wasn't ready either. Just felt like we were getting into our groove, I was figuring out the two kids thing, couldn't think about adding another one, wasn't sure we could handle that. So we waited longer. 

We reached a point in the next year or two where I questioned if we'd ever have a third child, if we really could handle that in our family, financially and otherwise. The time period came around in the fall when we'd said we'd start trying for a baby and I was really not ready to start trying. It was my decision. I thought our money situation was a mess, trying to pay things off and earn more money. I thought our kids behaviors and ages were chaotic and we were just trying to manage that without getting super stressed. Everything seemed off timing wise to add another into the mix. 

So I started picturing, what if we don't have another one? What if we're a family of four? Can I be happy and content, complete with that? Can I move on from this dream I've had in my head of another child? Do I really want another one, or am I missing the baby stage like so many moms do once their youngest is walking and talking and running into toddlerhood at the speed of light? 

I started picturing not having another one. I became depressed, honestly. I was so sad and moody those few months when I felt not ready to have another, but not sure if we'd be ready some time soon. 

It was then that I realized, yes, I absolutely wanted another child. I was not OK saying no to that dream. And here's the thing, when imagining another child, that's what I imagined: a child, not a baby. Not the newborn phase where they are cute and cuddly and stay in one place. I wanted the child, the person, the sibling for my two big kids. 

I envisioned my children someday, all three of them, standing side by side at a graduation party or taking care of me and my husband when we're older. I envisioned the Christmas pictures every year. But I didn't picture the one where my kids were young and there was a third baby. I pictured the photograph of three kids in elementary school sitting, holding hands, laughing. I pictured the people they'd be, their personalities and the things that made them uniquely ours. 

I wanted more than another baby to cuddle. I wanted more than that feeling of a baby kicking in my belly. I wanted the person, the family member, for a lifetime. I wanted that bigger family. And that's how I knew. 

To me this is a distinct difference from just reminiscing about the past and missing the baby phase. Every mom goes through that. But usually it stops there when they cuddle someone's newborn and then move on, thankful not to be the one getting up in the night. For me though, after a few months of not being ready to start trying and picturing, what if this doesn't happen for us, am I OK with that or no? And then picturing the vision of my three children sitting side by side, I knew. I just knew.

So we planned for our third child and I was so utterly happy. The fog of sadness and confusion, questioning if we would do this, it lifted instantly when I decided that yes, this was what I wanted. We have never been in denial: we knew it'd be chaos and hard at times. You never have the right timing or enough money for these things, that's for sure. But we decided we wanted it for the long term and started preparing. 

My husband got a raise at work, thankfully. We paid off more debt to be more financially stable for a third child. We sold a lot of things in our house, downsized and decluttered, knowing what a third baby would bring into the already tight quarters of our small house. We talked about getting a bigger car that we could afford. We considered the baby stuff we already had saved and anything we thought we'd need to purchase, and how that would fit into our plans. We talked about how this may affect our two big kids. We talked and planned and dreamed. And then made it happen. 

Fast forward seven months into pregnancy and my doctor was asking about a long term plan: birth control? tying tubes? Were we done, would we have a fourth? When I was younger, even before having children of my own, I wanted four. My husband wanted four. We both come from families of four siblings. Then we had one child and instantly said, "uh, no we're good with three!" Then we had two kids and thought, "well, maybe just 2 and a half kids..." on the fence, not sure what we could handle as parents. 

When pregnant with our third, the pregnancy was so challenging. Much more tiring, difficult, and more ailments than the first two. It hit me early on, I was done. I was grateful for what we had. We were really complete. It wasn't just a financial decision or a logistical decision based on our small house, though those mental things came first for sure. It was something I actually felt inside, I believed, I was content with: we were done. Our family was complete with three kids.

I never imagined I'd be that woman. The one who actually knows when she's done. They told me, "you'll just know." And I thought to myself, "Not me, I'll be the person who will always want more kids even though we make a mental decision to be realistic and stop at 2 or 3." I didn't know if I'd ever lose that longing feeling to hold a baby in my arms after carrying them in my belly for nine months. I really wasn't sure I'd ever feel that.

But I did and I do. I know for sure that we're complete. It's bittersweet some days. There are moments now where I'm putting away newborn and 0-3 clothing or the infant bouncy seat he is way too long for, where I reminisce about all three babies who wore those clothes or sat in a seat like that and it's sad. But it's not the type of sad that makes you want to do it all over again. It's the "we're content and blessed" type of sad and "we can move on to other fun stages now with our awesome family." 

I'll admit that when it was time to sign the paperwork to tie my tubes at the doctor's office, I cried on the way home. It was just so final. That chapter of my life, the one where it was possible to get pregnant and possible to carry life (still the most amazing thing I think I've ever done or will ever do again) was over. Forever. It was my decision, I was ready to make the decision, and yet it was so sad to do so. I held my growing belly tighter that night and tried so hard to memorize each and every jab and kick from the inside, knowing I'd miss that most of all when it was no longer a possibility. 

I text my husband saying how sad it was, that it was hitting me. He wrote back something so sweet that I'll never forget. He said that yes, it's sad, that part of our life is over, but how amazing it is that now our family is complete and we get to watch them grow and move forward toward all the fun things in store for us and our beautiful children. We get to start really living our life now knowing we're ALL here together now. I love that... it's so simple, but true. 

So to you, if you are wondering if you should have another baby or not... don't just think about finances and don't just imagine what daycare is going to cost or where on earth you'd fit more baby stuff in the house. Those ARE important, I'm not going to deny that. You should consider those things. But they aren't everything. Don't just imagine timing... there's no perfect timing. I had this last baby at the worst possible timing for my job, and it's all working out in the end. It is what it is. You cannot control all of it. 

To those of you who aren't able to make the decision for yourself, because of health issues within your body or health issues within your children, or some other major life experience that means adding another one is too much to bear... my heart breaks for you. It's hard enough to actually make this decision on my own free will, I can't imagine the decision being made for me. Make sure you process this, grieve the loss of the choice to have another child, and talk through it with someone you trust. 

To others, if you can live with picturing NOT having another one for a few weeks, then perhaps you're ready to close that chapter of this long motherhood book you've been writing the last few years. If you are devastated by the thought, actually feeling depressed and with this deep longing inside that you just are not ready to be done, your family is not complete without one more child in it someday... then perhaps you are ready to add another one to your family.

It's not an easy decision either way. Be sure you put time into processing it both on your own and as a family or couple. 

I'll leave you with this, something I tell many moms, something many moms told me and wrote about in blogs and books and discussion groups before I got pregnant for the last time: you'll never ever regret having another child when you lay eyes on that sweet little blessing that you created. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

getting through the tough parts of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It's also one of the most difficult things women go through. All pregnancies are different, and yet women can relate to one another when talking about their symptoms. I asked the Mommy Stories Facebook group for some suggestions on how to deal with some tough pregnancy symptoms. Here are some ideas.

Worst symptom and how to deal:
  • heartburn and slept in reclining chair, Tums everywhere in bags etc 
  • charlie horses in calves at night
  • lower back pain- get exercise ball to sit on
  • round ligament pain
  • constipation - miralax helps 
  • sciatica pain - chiropractor, massage, physical therapy
  • varicose veins
  • peeing yourself -pads
  • insomnia - nap if can during day and go to bed early
Morning sickness treatment:
  • ginger snap cookies
  • ginger from health food store
  • ginger ale
  • sipping small drinks throughout day
  • chewing gum
  • eat something first thing before getting out of bed, like crackers
  • saltines 
  • eat small meals all day long
  • carbs - bagels!
  • Zofran
  • peppermint candies
  • sea bands
  • lemon water, lemonade
  • eat small meals 
There are so many various symptoms with pregnancy. Whatever you are experiencing, it's good to contact your doctor. They are there for you, they won't ever want you to hesitate calling. Spotting can be normal, but it can also be worrisome so call if this happens. Don't wait too long to ask for help either. I had sciatic hip pain with my second pregnancy from four months on. I didn't go to physical therapy until about eight months along. I wished I'd gone sooner, as it was SO helpful. I highly recommend physical therapy. I did it with my last two pregnancies and it worked wonders to make me feel better. Whatever is going on, ask for help.

Exercise like walking, yoga and swimming can do wonders to help you feel more like yourself and stay stronger longer into the pregnancy also. 

Take care of that awesome body of yours! 

making the most of the last pregnancy

I am a few months past my last pregnancy. I knew it would be my last, three kids would make our family complete. Being the last pregnancy, there was much I wanted to memorize and savor during the sometimes long and tough days and weeks.

There is something to be said for doing this monumental pregnancy thing for the last time. The last time your body will carry life. The last time you will watch your belly grow in the mirror of the bathroom when you step out of the shower. The last time you'll feel those kicks and jabs, the flutters, how amazing that feeling is.

To me, knowing this was my last pregnancy, I wanted to remember these moments. I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. I wanted to make sure I took advantage of all that being pregnant has to offer. There are a lot of tough parts to pregnancy, but oh so many sweet parts, too. Things to be celebrated for sure.

Photos by Photography By Kay

Here are some suggestions of things to enjoy while making the most of your last pregnancy:

  • Announcing the news - Take your time with this part of the process. Don't rush too soon. Let it sink in between you and your partner first. It's so awesome to tell people, but then at the same time once you tell people it's not your little secret anymore. It's out there, it's all anyone talks to you about, which sometimes can feel overwhelming, with the comments. So enjoy the few weeks or months where it's just your sweet surprise. And then find the coolest way ever to announce it, Pinterest if you have to, this is your last time doing this, make it count. 
  • Maternity Pictures- I am a big believer in maternity pictures. I look back at these pictures of me, taken just this past July, only a few short months ago, and I already forget that I looked like that. Sure, I'm bigger than I'd ever been in my life, but there's something so beautiful about that big old belly and the glow on my face, the sparkle in my eye as I was about to become a mom for the third time. It's cliche, but true. So document this part of your life experience. You won't ever regret doing it, but you may regret not having those pictures someday. 
  • Put your feet up. When else in your life are you going to be allowed to sit down as often or take as many naps if you need to? Never again really! So enjoy it. Take advantage of resting as much as possible. Your body has earned the right to do this after a few pregnancies now, but also it's good for you. Enjoy the time where you are supposed to cater to your body and rest. I took a nap every single day just about with this third pregnancy. I hadn't done that in the other two. This time, I took advantage of resting with the big old belly. I still love reminiscing about those naps. 
  • Go shopping. Sure it's great having the repeat maternity clothes from your last pregnancies, but it's also nice to treat yourself to something new, stylish and fun with this last pregnancy. There are awesome things you can find in great shape at consignment stores, too, so check those out. 
  • Do all the things. Do the things you won't ever be able to do again after you're done being pregnant. Take a birthing class or breast-feeding class. Park in the stork only pregnancy parking at Babies R Us. Create a baby registry to remind you of things you need. Get the special stretch mark cream. Get a prenatal massage. I was psyched when my husband got me one for a gift for my birthday. I'd never done this with the other two pregnancies and it was nice to look forward to it in this last pregnancy. It's fun to do all of these things that you aren't going to get a chance to do in the future. It makes the tough parts of pregnancy easier. 
  • Celebrate. I believe in having a baby shower for every baby, not only because yes sure it's helpful to get diapers and gifts for baby, but mostly because babies are amazing and so are the mothers who bring them into the world. This is a big occasion, it should be celebrated. So don't feel weird or selfish or something for having another shower. If someone wants to throw you a party, ENJOY! Be spoiled and swooned over. It's the only time after your wedding day that you'll be so spoiled, and you deserve it. Creating life is hard work. Enjoy being supported and loved. 
  • Treat yourself. Every single doctor's appointment this time around I stopped at a nearby consignment store and found myself a new maternity item or a baby item. I got myself an iced drink. I gave in to my cravings, even when they were salty fries or fast food. I let myself have what I wanted, without going overboard. I let myself indulge. It's hard work building a human. Let yourself enjoy this last time around with a few treats every now and then. You deserve it. 

Enjoy this final pregnancy.  It won't come again, and there is something bittersweet about that. You should feel proud about what you've accomplished. I know most women don't enjoy every moment of pregnancy and that's normal and OK. Try to enjoy some of it though to make the time go by faster and easier.

getting the big kids involved with preparing for baby #3

It's always important to prepare your children to become a big sibling. This is oftentimes done by reading books, talking about baby growing in the belly, etc. But I found with adding a third baby to our already busy household we needed to include our kids on everything every step of the way so they felt adjusted and prepared as much as possible for baby's arrival.

Our kids were 4 and 6 1/2 this summer as we prepared for the baby to arrive in the fall. They had many questions and wanted to be involved in everything we did as we got things out and ready for the baby.

Here are some ideas for you as you prepare for #3! Some of these ideas may be slightly different for you if you're preparing toddlers for a third sibling, as mine were preschool and school age, but hopefully they help.

Preparing the house for a third baby!
  • Get equipment out one at a time. And do it slowly, so they have time to play around with it. Let them play with it. Let them get used to the idea of having a baby in there. We did the swing one weekend, the bassinet a few weeks later, the crib weeks later, etc. Some of this was deliberate so as not to overwhelm the kids with too many changes at once, but also it was due to timing - you're busy, no time to do it all at once! 
  • Celebrate baby. Kids are typically excited to have a sibling coming, so let them get in on the celebrating. Let them pick out an outfit or toy for a gift for baby. Take them to the dollar store or Target and let them choose a rattle, bib, bottles, outfit, etc. and don't influence what they choose, let it be their idea.
  • Little helpers! They love to be involved. It's how they process what's about to happen and change. Let them help decorate the room. They may suggest putting a picture in a certain spot that you're not totally in favor of, or hanging up a blanket that you want to put in the closet... but it's their way of expressing excitement, so let them do it their way. Have them put the toys in the bucket, stack diapers in the bin on the changing table, pick out which changing table cover pad to use first, pick out socks for the hospital bag, etc. The more you let them feel in charge, in control, and helping, the more excited and happy they'll be, less jealous. 
  • Let them play! The baby won't need these things for a while, so let your big kids explore a bit. Let them play in the baby's room, with the baby's things, toys, rocking in the chair, etc. My 4 year old had so much fun with the baby toys and honestly it was fun watching her play with her old toys again. She restacked the books a million times and read them to me as I folded laundry. It was nice bonding moments before we were busy with baby around. 
  • Practice. It's fun to let the kids pretend baby is here with a doll and practice how things go. Teach them how to hold the baby, hold their head, rock them, whisper when baby is sleeping, etc. Let your daughter use baby clothes for doll clothes to practice, as well as diapers.
  • Be open with the body changing. Talk about how much bigger you're getting. Tell them when you feel baby move, and have them feel baby kick if possible. It's a cool thing, sometimes weird for them, so the more you help them understand the physical process the better. Some moms even take their kids to ultrasounds and doctor visits to hear the heartbeat. 
  • Take a walk down memory lane. My kids had tons of questions about what it was like when they were in my belly. It's fun to look back at pregnancy pictures and show them their baby books.
  • Visit the hospital- We had a great time touring the hospital with our kids, showing them where the baby would be born. It's important to talk about this process- where the kids will be when you have the baby, who will take care of them while you're in the hospital, etc. We talked about this with them about a month before baby was coming, just in case baby came early. We didn't talk about it a lot but just made sure they knew it was coming. 
  • Prepare the big siblings- We took a really fun big sibling class for free at the local hospital. You can even take classes at hospitals where you aren't delivering. It was a great night for us with our big kids. They even got a doll to practice diapering and feeding. They still talk about what they learned in their big sib class. There are lots of big sibling books to read also. 
  • Ask their opinion- Everything is changing, even things they aren't aware of just yet. So let them be in charge of a few things that don't matter. Ask their thoughts on where baby's car seat should go in the car, if they mind moving to the back row for baby to be closer to mom in the front. I let my daughter pick out the socks for baby to wear home from the hospital, and help me pack diapers in the diaper bag. I asked my son where he thought we could put the baby in the car, even though I already knew where I'd put the baby. It was good for my big kid to come up with the idea on his own, so he didn't feel it was something being done to him but rather something he was a part of.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mom of the Month - Amanda Pooler

I'm so happy ending 2016 with this super December Mom of the Month, Amanda Pooler! She has been through a miscarriage and learned some great advice to new moms. LOVE her advice! She seems so real and down to earth in love with being a mother. Hard working, doing what is important for her ADORABLE son, I'm happy to recognize her this month.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Amanda!

Images shared from Amanda Pooler

1. Describe your children in 3-5 words. How did you choose their names?
My son is curious, content and so happy. His name is Braden Oscar. We chose his name one day while driving in the car. We knew all along Oscar would be his middle name after my dad's middle name --- but Braden was just something my husband suggested and instantly I loved it!
2. How old are your children? How did you tell people you were expecting a baby? My son is 10.5 months old! We didn't do a big announcement with our families. Unfortunately our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and we had done a big announcement with them. So we were a little more guarded with this pregnancy until we heard the heartbeat! We did a very fun Facebook announcement!!
3. How would you describe your pregnancies? How was delivery, birth and labor for you? I had a very healthy pregnancy! I even went on a big vacation around 6m pregnant. We went to California and did every tourist attraction. I even enjoyed Disney in 102 degree weather!!
My birth story is a very adventurous one! My water broke at 35 weeks. Unfortunately my labor didn't progress naturally and I needed pitocin. My body just didn't progress like I wish it would have. After an epidural and medication to help soften my cervix I finally began progressing after about 24 hours of strong back labor. I was stuck at 9cm for about 4 hours and had to be rushed in for an emergency c-section after 38 hours! Braden had some trouble breathing and we spent about 10 days in the hospital together. But I would re-live every single second all over again and am so incredibly blessed to have him.

4. Describe yourself as a mom in 3-5 words. 
Amazed by him every day.
5. What type of mom do you hope your children think you were someday when they're old enough to tell you? 
I want to be the mom they know believed in them, supported them and encouraged them. I want him to know my love for him is beyond measure. I just hope he knows that I think he is incredible and capable of anything!
6. What things have you done as a mom that you're most proud of? Gave birth! Haha. It was hard and an amazing experience. Also just being capable of such a deep and unconditional love.
7. What have been the most difficult parts to being a mom? Going back to work. I miss him every minute I'm away. I stayed home with him for 8 months, but had to return to work. I know it's what's best for our family but I hate being away.
8. What is your favorite baby/child product(s) that makes your mom job easier? Rock and Play! Because Braden hated being swaddled, it was really helpful for sleeping. Also, baby carriers and/or wraps. I love having him close to me and even now at 10 months he still loves being carried around!
9. What advice about being a mom would you give to a brand new mother? 
You are amazing. You are capable and don't doubt yourself. Being a mom is hard, but that's what makes it so worth it. But don't forget to fill your own cup. Read a book, get a manicure or even just put a spa mask on your face at night. You can't fill others cups if yours is empty.

10. What is a typical day like for you?
Up at 4:30am. Get ready for work and get Braden ready for "school". My husband and I ride into work together. I drop him off, drop Braden off. Park for work and walk about 20 minutes in! It's a great time of my day. I get to enjoy a hot coffee and a brisk walk because working out is hard these days. I work as a chemist at a naval shipyard. Then my husband picks me up at work after picking up Braden. We get home. Eat. Play. Bed! All of us. Haha.
11. What 5 things would you like to do with your kids someday, if anything were possible and money no object? Disney. Take a ride in a hot air balloon. Buy a camper and explore lots of amazing, beautiful places. Fenway Park. Go on a tropical vacation.
12. What are your favorite things to do in December or holiday traditions? How do you spend the holidays? I am really embracing starting our own traditions as a little family. We have started doing new activities this year. But I love getting a fresh Christmas tree and decorating my home. Braden loves all the lights and excitement -- so we are trying to let him experience as much of that as possible. We went to LL Bean and it was incredible. I want to embrace family and time together. Gifts are lovely, but I want my son to remember fun times and memories he spent with his family. That's what's important.
13. Tell us a time where you felt like you failed at parenting... but then realized you truly had not failed, things worked out fine. Going back to work. I thought at first I somehow would be failing him. Some days I still feel like I am. But when he gets so excited to see me after work. I remember he is ok. He is growing and learning so much at his care facility and I am lucky we have found a place we like.
14. What makes you a strong mom?
Love. That little guy makes me strong. I'd do anything for him. But my husband helps make me strong too! He is so incredibly supportive and such an awesome dad. We help each other.
15. Anything else you want to add? Becoming a mom is the best gift life has ever given me. I knew I would love my son. But I never imagined that having him would give me purpose. It has made me love my own parents stronger, love my husband deeper and make sure I take better care of me. My love for him is all encompassing. I am so excited for the journey ahead and can't wait to see and experience it all.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

very much in motherhood

I stopped in to see some coworkers recently, and one asked if I was ready to return to work in a few weeks. I nicely said, "not so much," with a smile and then mentioned some positivity about how it'd be just fine but tough, too, returning to work after a long but SO not long enough maternity leave. She responded with that I look so happy in my pictures that I post, that I seem to be really enjoying my time home with my baby.

She said, "you're just very much in motherhood right now…" explaining how hard that is to leave and return to work, and it stuck with me all day long.

I kept coming back to that phrase, that I'm just very much IN motherhood right now. And isn't that a wonderful feeling? And yet it's so overwhelming also. 

I'm in it. Fully enthralled with motherhood and all it has to offer. I'm soaking it all in, taking it in moment by moment, even as it's fleeting by me way too fast.

All that I think about and do is focused on being a good mother right now. It's based on making sure my kids have everything they need, and a piece of my heart along with them as they head on their own adventures and growth spurts. 

I'm covered in spit up and wearing nursing tanks. I am washing bottles and pumping and measuring out ounces of breastmilk, along with trying to recall which side he last nursed on during the previous feeding. Sometimes I forget what my kids' birthdays are, it takes me a second to remember because my brain is so full right now with a zillion little details of their lives.

I'm making sure the basketball shirt is washed and put into the drawstring bag so he can change into it after school, and that she has the exact color tights she needs for the ballet performance. I'm reminding myself to change their bed sheets, and picking up extra bath soap at the store because we ran out again. I'm RSVPing to the birthday party and picking up another Christmas gift for preschool teachers.

I'm taking inventory of the snack drawer and making a list on my phone for the next Target run I'll enjoy by myself with a sleeping baby instead of rushing after work and before big kid pickup time. I'm cleaning out my son's first grade backpack, loving every little piece of artwork that comes home, listening to every word he reads to me in the mornings when we're doing the homework totally last minute but at least we're doing it. I'm marking on the white board which day is pajama day for him and then which day she has preschool show n' tell so that we don't forget to bring a stuffed animal or doll to share.

I'm forgetting things… oh man, do I even have a brain some days? There's just no way to remember it all. And I'm forgiving myself for those mistakes, because as many of them that there are, I KNOW there are way more things I DID do. I show up every day ready to be their mother, regardless of how hard the day before actually was.

I'm holding him up long enough to get a second burp out. I'm trying to remember to shower every day because it wakes me up a bit, and yet I'm down for the count at nap time every afternoon because I can't focus without that rest time. I'm taking pictures, posting thoughts and scrolling Facebook like it's my job, as I sit and feed a growing baby a zillion times a day. I make myself sit and rest and take a moment, because these times will go by way too fast and I know this to be true.

Sometimes I'm cleaning the bathroom, other times I'm ignoring the cobwebs and dust bunnies and rugs that need vacuuming. I'm picking up takeout and divvying it out in the car because I'm driving to practice and rehearsal and everything in between. Other nights I'm making something quick for dinner on the stove because the baby is napping OK this evening.

I am very much in motherhood. I'm so in it that sometimes I wonder if it's all I've become these days. A mother. 

I'm still a wife, but we haven't had a date night in months and we fall asleep every night on the couch while watching a show before the next feeding. I'm still a daughter, but I hang up the phone when the baby is crying or the big kids are fighting, so much that I don't know the last real conversation my mom and I actually had. I'm still a friend and thank goodness my friends have patience with me, as it's hard to get back to them and we connect solely by random text messages these days it seems. I'm still a coworker, but I have no clue what I've missed the last few months and I'm sure when I return my Mom Brain fog won't have lifted and I won't be as efficient as I was before.

My eyes are tired. My body aches. My mind races and then is empty, searching for words and forgetting simple things like if I took the trash out or where I put my keys or phone.

I'm just very much in motherhood right now. 

And somehow, that's enough. It's monumental and exhilarating. It's crazy, chaotic and even boring sometimes. Motherhood is everything to me. It's all encompassing. It's suffocating some days, if I'm being honest. And yet it's everything I've ever wanted, dreamed about, and planned for. 

I'm very much in motherhood and very, very sad that my maternity leave is ending, the time period where I'm allowed to forget ALL else in my world except being a mother to a helpless, growing, needy little being that I created. I'm sad to leave our silent days behind. I'm scared that the busy world of working mom is going to be way too exhausting for my own good.

But I know that no matter if I'm home nursing on the couch or doing the school drop off or the grocery shopping or meal planning, cleaning or ignoring laundry piles… I'm still very much in motherhood. They are always on my mind and in my heart.

Very much in motherhood… it's a nice place to be. Even if it's the most exhausting thing I've ever done. It's still a nice place to be.

Friday, December 16, 2016

the newborn phase

A newborn… that smell of their head, undeniable bliss. The way they scrunch their bottom when you lift them up all sleepy. The wide open mouthed yawn with closed eyes, like sleeping was the most tiring thing they've done all day.

So many tiny moments that make up a very long and yet incredibly quick period in a baby's life, in a mother's experience. A complete blur, you can't recall every detail. And then a second later, you remember. You never forget bringing home that sweet baby for the first time. 

It's baby fat rolls, and teeny tiny toes that you could stare at all day.
Grunting noises in their sleep that sound like barn animals.
Onesies and belly buttons.
Soft skin, the softest you've ever felt and will never again.

Newborn moments…
Swings rocking. Mobiles singing.
Swaying your hips back and forth as you instinctually do because you're now a mother.
Holding their head into your chest and the crook of your arm to help them sleep.

Bouncy chairs and swaddle blankets.
Baby booties, snuggly hats, and ducky bath towels.

Swaddlers diapers, Pampers, and bottle parts in the sink, after a time or two of boiling on the stove.
0-3 and 3-6 months, timing feedings and then nursing on demand.
Packing diaper bags and restocking wipes containers.
Swirling bottles of milk, washing bottles and pump parts.
The swishing noise of the pump, that noise… dreadful and yet comforting sometimes, too.

Sweet, tiny, oh so tiny.
Precious, blessing, heavenly.
An innocence you've never quite known before.
Fingers curled around my own, hand on my chest and eyes looking up into mine.
Connecting. Bonding.

Shushing, whispering, noise machines.
Fear, worrying about if they are breathing, praying they will sleep longer, waking up a few times when they do just to make sure you see the rise and fall of their chest.
Bassinets, cribs, one piece fleece sleepers.

Weight checks that make you SO proud for all the work you're doing feeding them.
Answering the question, "How is he sleeping for you?" about a zillion times too many with the reply, "Oh you know…"
Living your life in two hour increments…. diaper change, feed, burp, sleep, repeat.

Counting the ounces of milk. Freezing milk in bags. Worrying you won't have enough when you go back to work.
Praying they sleep more.
Being grateful when they sleep more than three hours at once and not wanting to tell anyone they did or else you'll jinx it from happening again.
Praying, needing sleep. Just needing to sleep.
Sleep deprivation. Ugh, sleep deprivation.

The newborn phase...
Hormones. Dark eye circles.
Belly flab that you are sick of and proud of in the same moment. That belly held life. The life you now hold in your arms.
Yoga pants. Oh, sweet, black, stretchy pants. Lifesaver. Go-to. Staple. For months. And it's OK.

Hiccups that you hear now on the outside and once recently felt on the inside.
Imagining that stretch, kick, movement he makes now on the outside is what he did on the inside… holding your belly, realizing how amazing that is.
Burping, spit up, cloths, and bibs.
So much laundry. Tiny laundry that you don't even mind folding because it's so cute.
Growing so fast they outgrow most clothes in weeks.

Cuddling, snuggling, nap time, arm hurting but don't want to move it.
Don't disturb a sleeping baby. Rest when baby rests, they say. You try.
Sweet smells, that baby smell, oh it's divine.
Kicking legs, outstretched arms and lips moving even in his sleep.

Things I want to remember forever.
And yet it's a blurry time, you don't remember all of it, it passes too quickly and you're oh so tired.
But you hold on to the small moments because they mean everything.
Those times when your little bean smiles at you for the first time, more than when they are gurgling in their bellies, like a real, "I see you, Mom, thanks for all you do, I love you" smile.

It's taking pictures. So many pictures… of hands, toes, fingers, ears, eyelashes as they sleep soundly.
Trying to video tape every little moment that means the world now, that you don't want to forget, ever.
Boppy pillow, back aching, baby carrier, and lugging car seat.
Pulling over the car to put the pacifier back in her mouth because she is screeching without it.

Staying up late for one last feeding.
Waking up at 2 a.m. thinking maybe, just maybe it's 5 a.m. and baby "slept through the night."
Finding new meaning to the term "slept through the night" to mean anything beyond four or five hours.
Somehow surviving on little sleep, despite mixing up words and never being on time again.

Watching him change and grow, learn, respond, connect.
Soaking in the smiles. Oh, the sweet smiles, your reward for all you are doing as his Mama.
Feeling hopelessly in love, overwhelmed and overjoyed all in the same moment.

The newborn phase…
So lucky to have done this three times. And yet, wishing to relive it with these growing babies once more… realizing that as many moments as I've stored in my Mom Brain, they are not enough. Touching the pages of the baby books, scanning the pictures posted, and remembering… the onesie, the outfit and hat set, the outstretched arms at nap time, the way their eyes squinted with glee when you woke in the morning together.

It goes by too fast…
If you find yourself in the newborn phase soon, take a thousand pictures and video. Don't forget the video. Sit down more. Rest more. Soak her in more. Hold him longer. It goes by too fast and it never comes again...just like everything that is oh, so sweet.